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Volunteer Crew

Spirit of Japan Miami 2024: Volunteering is Open!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the first-ever Spirit of Japan Miami 2024 crew! Our team is the backbone of Spirit of Japan Miami, and we appreciate your desire to help us make this event a great success!

We aim to make this event one of the biggest Japan-themed events in Miami/Florida. Our goal is to increase opportunities to feel, learn, and experience Japanese culture in the Miami/Florida region. Please join us to make this event great!!


- Free access to the entire Spirit of Japan Miami 2024 event.
- Exclusive Spirit of Japan Miami staff uniform.
- Complimentary meals, snacks, and drinks.
- One additional complimentary Spirit of Japan badge for your friends and family.
- Resume-building volunteer experience.
- Behind-the-scenes look at how conventions are run.
- Leadership opportunities.
- No badge purchase necessary.

Volunteer Coverage Hours:

- Thursday, August 15 | 10 AM - 7 PM  [Set-up and rehearsals]

- Friday, August 16 | 1 PM - 10 PM

- Saturday, August 17 | 10 AM - 10 PM

- Sunday, August 18 | 10 AM - 7 PM



- Willing and able to work any of the 3 days (8/16-18) or 4 days (8/15-18).
- Must complete the volunteer application.
- Adhere to all Spirit of Japan Miami policies and guidelines.

- Must work as a team.
- Be at least 16 years of age and show proof of your age. Acceptable proof includes a government-issued ID, passport, state driver's license, state ID, military ID, or school photo ID. Your proof of age must include your full legal name and photo.
- If you are under the age of 18, your parent/guardian must be present at check-in to sign your volunteer waiver.
- Prior convention staff experience is a plus but not required. (Please let us know about any prior experience you have.)
- Attend the pre-convention staff meeting. The meeting date/time will be notified as the event approaches.
- Must be able to share your contact information with the team lead.

Volunteer Roles Needed:

-Registration / Line control:

  Welcome and orient guests, and manage lines and entry.

-Cultural Pavilion:

  Assist area leads with implementing cultural activities, including set-up and clean-up.

-Food Court:

  Assist food vendors, handle any spills, and manage lines.

-Merch/Artist Market Area:

  Assist merchandise/artist vendors and manage spaces and lines.


  Assist staff backstage during the stage program.

-Interpreters (Japanese⇆English) (English⇆Spanish):

  Provide interpretation services as needed.  Varied assignments. 

-Guest Relations:

  Assist guests and ensure their satisfaction during the event and performances.

*We will assign you to different parts of work/area based on your request as much as possible. However, please note that we may not be able to meet your request.


Please sign up using the volunteer form below. We will contact you using the email you registered, so please keep checking your email.



If you have any questions, please contact We look forward to working with you!



Spirit of Japan Miami 2024のボランティア募集開始!


今回マイアミで行う初めてのSpirit of Japan Miami 2024のボランティアにご興味をお持ちくださりありがとうございます!





  • Spirit of Japan Miami 2024 イベントへの無料参加

  • イベントスタッフ特別ティシャツ

  • 無料の食事、スナック、飲み物

  • 無料のイベント入場券1枚

  • 履歴書作成のためのボランティア経験

  • 楽しいコンベンションが作り上げられる舞台裏を学べる機会

  • リーダーシップを学べる機会


8月15日(木) | 10 AM - 7 PM  [セットアップ及びリハーサル]

8月16日(金) | 1 PM -10 PM

8月17日(土) | 10 AM - 10 PM

8月18日(日)  | 10 AM - 7 PM


  • 4日間のうちのどの日か働けること(8/15 から8/18まで)

  • ボランティアアプリケーションへの登録

  • Spirit of Japan Miami イベントのポリシー及び規定ガイドラインを遵守すること

  • チームで協力して働けること

  • 連絡先をチームリーダーに共有できること

  • 最低でも16際以上であり、年齢を証明できる書類を持参すること:証明書はパスポート、免許証、などの国または州から発行された正式な証明書、学生証など。証明書には本人の正式名称及び顔写真が記載されていること。質問がある場合は右記メールアドレスまでご連絡ください。 

  • 18際以下の場合は、保護者の方からボランティア参加の承諾をもらってください。

  • 事前のイベントヘルプ経験などは必須ではありませんが、もしイベントヘルプのご経験をお持ちでしたらイベントチームにお知らせください。

  • 事前のスタッフミーティングに参加できること。*ミーティングの日時はイベントが近づいたら登録のメールアドレスにご連絡致します。









-通訳 (英語⇆日本語) (英語⇆スペイン語)





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