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Welcome to Spirit of Japan Miami!
16-18 2024

@ Miami Beach Convention Center


16(Fri) 2:00pm-9:00pm

17(Sat) 11:00am-9:00pm

18(Sun) 11:00am-6:00pm

Miami Beach Convention Center


  • About 15 minutes by car from Downtown Miami.

  • Use nearby public transportation and check the Miami Beach bus routes.

  • There are numerous parking facilities around the convention center.

  • Access by bicycle is also possible, with bicycle racks available.

japanese food
Japanese food

Specialty Food


And Sake from Japan

Firefly 目玉焼きがのったやきそば、鉄板に乗ったたこ焼き、お好み焼きが木のテーブルの上に置かれている。マンガ調 76292.jpg


Japanese Food, Sake, Drink, and more!

japanese music
japanese music
japanese food
japanese music

Traditional Japanese Music

anime and cosplay

Cosplay & Cosplay Contest

Itasha Car Spirit of Japan Xpress Skins


Reserve your Spot now!

"Convention admission tickets sold separately"

Welcome to our home our lovely guests to Mirai Maid Cafe ❤️ 💕. Our master is unfortunately away and attending business but has left us to take care of you with delicious treats and yummy drinks. We hope you enjoy our special performance dedicated to you, our guests, and we hope it brings you happiness for the rest of your day!

Mirai Maid Cafe

"Convention admission tickets sold separately"

"Convention admission tickets sold separately"

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