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Interested in test marketing in U.S.?

Experience Japan in US! Join us for an event celebrating Japanese cuisine and culture. We invite companies from Japan to participate and test-market their products in the U.S. Engage with local communities and explore new opportunities. Don't miss this chance to showcase your offerings to an US audience!

By actually exhibiting in the U.S., you can experience what the local market is like.

1. Experience

This is an opportunity to conduct your own market research by visiting local supermarkets and other stores in the United States.

2. Reserch

Promote your products through events and find local businesses who are interested in your merchandise.

3. Matching

This is an opportunity to interact directly with local people and promote your company's merchandise yourself.

4. Promotion


We Support You!


Naohisa Nakada

Japan Taste Marketing CEO

Gindaco USA CEO

Tenkatori USA CEO

Japanese Food Culture Association(NPO) CEO

Food & Culture

Working with food/Japanese culture companies and organization.

Organize Event

Organizing events introducing Jpanese food and culture.


Marketing for companies which interested in U.S. market.


Helping to promote and distribute products into U.S. market.

Marketing / Promotion

  • As JFCA President and representative of an event and marketing company, he is engaged in the promotion of Japanese products and the development of sales channels.

  • He established Japan's first export support platform in the U.S. through JFCA activities with the members of the JFCA Platform Council.

  • He was in charge of marketing for the West Coast and Hawaii area for Nanbu Bijin, a sake brewery in Iwate Prefecture.

  • Developed U.S. distribution channels for Fukushima sake brewery Hana Haru, also with a desire to revive the Tohoku region after the earthquake.

  • Orion Beer: Marketing Manager (2016-2019)

  • Attracted Suntory Premium Malt's to the U.S., currently in charge of the California area including LA, SF, SD, and Hawaii (2019-)

  • Japanese craft beer online business meetings and sales channel expansion sales in LA area (2019-2021)

  • National Tax Agency JAPAN liquor business meetings (2021)

  • Buri(Japanese Amberjack) sales channel expansion campaign in the U.S. (led by JETRO), including online seminars (2020-2021)

  • Japanese rice PR (led by JETRO) including online seminars (2020-2021)

  • Japanese food ingredients support store marketing (2021)


JPP (Japanese Products Produce Inc.), an event marketing company, is at the core of our efforts to attract Japanese food and beverage industry vendors to various events held by us and our partner organizations in the U.S. We also conduct marketing at the events and introduce Japanese food to a wide range of visitors. We also introduce Japanese food to visitors to our events. We have successfully opened restaurants such as Gindako, Tenkatori (Oita), and Josui Ramen (Nagoya), laying the foundation for these three companies to enter the U.S. market and increasing customer satisfaction by aggressively using Japanese ingredients.

He is also currently conducting research for companies such as Tori Aristocrats and Sekai no Yamachan that wish to open new restaurants in the U.S.


He also publishes Wattention, a magazine that introduces Japan in English.

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