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Nina Shimaguchi Cox (嶋口仁菜)

Cultural Pavilion Manager

Nina is a Japanese Cultural Specialist whose passion is to share Japanese culture with the world. She believes that understanding other cultures is the best way to help people avoid misunderstanding stemming from their cultural differences.
She has been sharing Japanese culture for over 10 years in total, including her time in University where she assisted with educating and exchanging culture with international students in Kyoto, Japan.
After a brief stint in the hospitality field for 4 years, which did contain some cultural exchange of its own, she returned to cultural education and joined the Japan Outreach Initiative Program in the United States. During this program, she shared Japanese culture with everyone from students to seniors in the greater Houston area. These outreaches took place in a wide range of locations such as: libraries, senior centers, K-12 schools, and Universities. Over the past three years she has participated in event coordination, organization, or planning for more than 400 outreach activities in total. With her previous experience, she is thrilled to manage the cultural pavilion at Spirit of Japan in Miami.

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