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けん玉 Kendama

けん玉 Kendama by Morikami Museum

🌟 Kendama and Traditional Japanese Toys Workshop at the Spirit of Japan Convention! 🌟

Experience the excitement and charm of traditional Japanese toys at the Spirit of Japan Convention! We're thrilled to offer a Kendama Workshop where you can learn, practice, and master this traditional Japanese skill toy, along with other delightful toys.

When: August 16-18
Where: Miami Beach

Workshop Details:
- Introduction to Kendama: Learn the basics of Kendama, including its history and cultural significance.
- Hands-On Practice: Try your hand at various tricks and techniques, guided by experienced instructors.
- Explore Traditional Toys: Enjoy playing with a variety of traditional Japanese toys made from wood, bamboo, and paper.
- Suitable for All Skill Levels: Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player, our workshop offers personalized tips to improve your skills.

Why Participate?
- Fun and Challenging: Engage in fun activities that challenge your coordination and focus.
- Cultural Experience: Immerse yourself in traditional Japanese pastimes and appreciate their rich history.
- Community Building: Connect with fellow enthusiasts and share the joy of mastering new tricks and toys.

Whether you're new to Kendama or looking to explore a variety of traditional Japanese toys, this workshop offers something for everyone! Don't miss this chance to dive into the world of Japanese toys and take your skills to the next level.

How to Register:
- Visit our booth at the event

Bring your enthusiasm and willingness to learn, and let's have a fantastic time with Kendama and other traditional toys at the Spirit of Japan Convention!

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