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Richers Bun

Social Media Manager

Meet Bunbun, the versatile dynamo behind the scenes at Xpress Skins, Houston's premier Itasha wrap shop. A true jack-of-all-trades, Bunbun seamlessly juggles an array of skills essential to the shop's success. From wielding a camera to crafting captivating content, from graphic design wizardry to a knack for all things automotive, Bunbun does it all with finesse. At Xpress Skins, Bunbun is the creative force driving the design process, lending a keen eye and boundless imagination to every project. Whether it's conceptualizing intricate car wraps or curating engaging social media content, Bunbun's fingerprints are all over the shop's vibrant portfolio.

Beyond the workshop, Bunbun's passion for anime and Tokusatsu shines bright. With a penchant for isekai adventures and a love for Kamen Rider and Super Sentai, Bunbun's fandom runs deep. It's no surprise to find him rubbing elbows with fellow enthusiasts at anime events, networking, and forging connections within the community. Despite a natural inclination toward introversion, Bunbun's warm demeanor shines through once you've earned his trust. Always brimming with fresh ideas, Bunbun is a fountain of creativity, though sometimes hampered by a shortage of hands to bring his visions to life.

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