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Adam Gibbs

Adam Gibbs Meet & Greet

Adam Gibbs is an acclaimed American voice actor, celebrated for his remarkable contributions to the English versions of Japanese anime series. Known for his distinctive voice and versatility, Gibbs has brought a myriad of beloved characters to life, earning a reputation as one of the industry's finest talents.

Gibbs's career took off with his role as Tetsu in "Heaven's Memo Pad" in 2012. His early work also includes Shinjuro Yuki in "Un-Go" and various characters in "Penguindrum," showcasing his ability to tackle diverse roles. In 2013, Gibbs voiced Koushiro Hyuga in "Kamisama Dolls" and Zwei in "Scarlet Fragments," further solidifying his presence in the anime world.

One of his standout performances came in 2014 with the role of Shinichi Izumi in "Parasyte - The Maxim." His portrayal of a teenager battling an alien parasite captivated audiences and critics alike. That same year, he voiced Joji Sakuraba in "Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East," adding to his growing list of notable roles.

In 2015, Gibbs continued to impress with lead roles such as Nice in "Hamatora" and Hiromi Nase in "Beyond the Boundary." His versatility shone through with his performances as Mizuki in "DRAMAtical Murder" and Shin Acura in "Chaika - The Coffin Princess." The following year, he took on the role of Masaya Hinata in "Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue," and reprised his role as Nice in "Re: Hamatora."

Gibbs's talent for bringing complex characters to life was further evidenced in 2017 when he voiced Seiya Kanie in "Amagi Brilliant Park" and Taichi Mashima in "Chihayafuru." His portrayal of Hotaro Oreki in "Hyouka" and Kei Kuramoto in "Flying Witch" also garnered significant acclaim. He continued to expand his repertoire with roles in "Haikyu!!" as Koshi Sugawara and "My Hero Academia" as Natsuo Todoroki from season 4 onwards.

In recent years, Gibbs has delivered compelling performances as Fumiya Tomozaki in "Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki," Uramichi Omota in "Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan," and Hyakkimaru in "Dororo." His roles in "Tokyo Ghoul:re" as Kuki Urie and "Fairy Tail" as Jerome have further demonstrated his range and skill.

Gibbs is associated with Sentai Filmworks and Funimation, two of the leading companies in the anime industry. Outside of voice acting, he is an accomplished stage actor, performing with Theatre Under the Stars, Classical Theatre Company, Alley Theatre, and Stages Repertory.

Looking ahead, Adam Gibbs is set to voice characters in upcoming series such as "I've Somehow Gotten Stronger When I Improved My Farm-Related Skills," "Helck," and "The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen," promising to continue his legacy of bringing unforgettable characters to life.

Adam Gibbs's dedication to his craft and his ability to immerse himself in a wide range of roles have made him a beloved figure in the anime community. His impressive body of work and passion for storytelling ensure that he will remain a prominent voice in the industry for years to come.

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